What is an Automotive Embedded Systems Course Online?

What is an Automotive Embedded Systems Course Online?

Adaptive cruise control, airbag, telemetric, traction control, in-vehicle sound system, co2 reduction system, parking system, GPS technologies, colliding sensors, temperature control, radio, anti-lock brake system, and other embedded systems are often employed in vehicles. You may also use some of these for submission as embedded systems projects for ece 2022. For the forecast period, the global automotive embedded system market is expected to increase at a CAGR of more than 7%. Rising emphasis on car safety features, rising customer desire for electric vehicles, and rigorous pollution rules are all significant reasons for market growth. The market has been divided into four applications: infotainment & telemetry, body electronics, safety & security, and power train & chassis control. The market for privacy and protection applications is predicted to develop fastest during the forecast period, owing to increased demand for safety features such as anti-lock braking systems in cars. Thus, giving rise to students’ enrollment in online automotive embedded systems courses.

Here we have shortlisted some Automotive embedded systems courses for you to select based on your interests and availability:

  • PG Program in Embedded systems for Electric Vehicles application: This class by Skill Lynch will teach bare metal programming, device driver creation for controller peripherals, and porting Linux to the ARM architecture. The curriculum emphasizes industry-relevant technologies and techniques used to verify and validate hand-written and auto-generated embedded software. It will also provide you with 22 industry-based embedded systems projects for ece 2022. You can showcase these projects on your LinkedIn profile to improve your reach for the desired job profile. Possibilities for Employment:
  1. Firmware engineers
  2. Device driver developers 
  3. Software Engineers in embedded systems
  4. Development specialists.

You can obtain higher education in the following fields: 

  1. Embedded Software Development 
  2. Electric Vehicles with Autonomous Driving 
  3. Battery Technology
  • Automotive Embedded Systems and Applications: This course is available on Udemy and provided by Uplatz Trainings. An electronic or computer system intended to control and accesses the data in electronic parts systems as an embedded system. We often use embedded systems in modern technology. Applications for embedded systems range from construction plants to medical devices, low-cost electronic goods to high-end consumer electronics, avionics and leisure to academic equipment, and so on. The automotive sector substantially uses embedded systems. For example, many embedded system controllers in Mercedes, BMW, and other opulent automobiles use embedded systems. It is an ambitious challenge to the embedded system’s technical advancements to make the car more network-savvy, energy-efficient, and safe. The course has a rating of 3.5 stars, with 273 students enrolled. You need to pay INR 449 once and access the contents for a lifetime. The actual price for the course is INR 3499; Udemy offers an 87% discount for a few days. In addition, it provides thirty hours of on-demand videos in the English language. The course will cover forty-four topics and provide you with sixty-one downloadable resources for learning.


A vital component of autos, an embedded system’s adaptability and agility, make it indispensable. Automobile-embedded systems can help with monitoring, pollution control, and other things. The microcontrollers now used in autos primarily depend on the vehicle. The trending use of this system and its scope to develop the automotive industry is tremendous. So, this was all about automotive embedded system courses.