Board Exams - How Important Are They? Tips to Ace it. 

Board Exams – How Important Are They? Tips to Ace it. 

We have always heard that Classes 10 and 12 are very crucial for a student’s academic life. It lays the foundation for the higher classes and professional courses ahead. The passing marks in these board exams are what determines their entry into the next class or college. In this article, let us try and analyse how important these board exams are. Are they that crucial for students? While discussing this at length, also find some tips in this article on how to ace these board exams for Classes 10 and 12. 

Board exams are equally important for both 10 and 12 classes. Students of all these boards, such as CBSE, ISC, ICSE, and state boards such as KSEEB, SSLC or Pre-University Board Karnataka, have realised the significance of board exams. Students of all these boards can prepare well for the final exams by referring to the study materials and resources available. 

Reasons to opt for Board Exams in Class 10 

Let us also see some reasons why students have to opt for board exams in Class 10. Let us check out these points mentioned below: 

  • Taking the board exams help the students to manage and channelise the stress, better 
  • Board exams inculcate habits like time-management, prioritisation, planning and scheduling 
  • Class 10 exams allow students to gauge their performance and to compare it with students across India 
  • It also gives an overview or taste of Class 12 board exams and can be considered as a trial run 
  • Appearing for board exams is the best way to minimise one’s fear of exams 
  • Board exams help the students to deal with pressure and challenging situations 

From all these points, it is pretty apparent that while Class 12 board exams are crucial for higher education and career, Class10 board exams can be considered a sample of what to expect from the board exams. 

Hacks to Ace the Board Exams 

Now that we have established the significance of board exams, we will try and provide some hacks on how to crack the board exams. Check out these strategies mentioned below: 

  • First off, know the syllabus thoroughly and plan the studies, accordingly 
  • Master all the concepts and prepare well for the exam from the textbooks 
  • Prepare clear and concise notes, highlighting key points of the subject 
  • Study well for the exams and then revise the concepts twice before exams 
  • Clear all the doubts about the subject and identify mistakes to correct them 
  • Solve and practise all the previous year and sample question papers 
  • Boost the time management and writing skills with the help of mock tests 

Following all these tips and hacks is the best way to perform well and score high marks in the board exams, be it Class 10 or Class 12 of any board. So, students are advised that they need not avoid taking the Rajasthan board exam or the final exam of any other board due to stress or pressure, as these tips are the best strategy to minimise the pressure building up for a student of Class 10 or 12.

Thus, in this article, we have tried to establish the importance of Board exams while also providing the best possible ways to strategize and ace these exams. Our crucial advice to the students is to take this as a challenge and do their best, and come out triumphant at the end.