What are the Last Movements of Blockchain?

What are the Last Movements of Blockchain?

The hype over blockchain has picked up steam and enterprises rush to apply blockchain to their industry or even just add it to their initiatives of the year.

Is blockchain a good investment for your business at the moment? There’s no definite answer as it can incur much criticism from blockchain opponents or enthusiasm from its supporters.

Have you heard much about this Blockchain movement?  I call it a movement because I follow the most censored Dr. in America.  Dr. Rashid Buttar.  This guy is amazing.  You wouldn’t think so if you google him because some person hiding in the shadows posts absolute BS about him on Wikipedia.  I don’t think it is fair that someone who doesn’t even know him can write on Wikipedia and there is NO TRANSPARENCY.

If what they are saying is true and verifiable than be bold and tell the world your name…. Any way.. back to what is more important.  Dr. Buttar posted a blog on at www.advancedmedicine.exchange discussing his products that I think are really cool.

I was able to jump on a video call the other night and he was talking about the power of a blockchain-based real estate ecosystem. 

As I understand it, despite it being decentralized, everyone is part of a fully integrated value chain. All the products and services around selling, buying, moving in, or out of a home are digitally integrated: Into a single, open, horizontally, and vertically integrated Exchange. 

Dr. Buttar was talking about how he is joining the Blockchain and has become a member of the Exchange.  He was saying that the Company he is buying from is also standing one up for Real Estate.

Evidently it will include everything from the mortgage application and acceptance to the title registry. It will consist of securing building and renovation permits.  Now, tax assessment and payment and arranging for the moving company to show up on time.  Hooking up the telephone and internet and engaging the landscaper is more accessible and less time-consuming.

I saw that the realestatesector.exchange site will house a horizontal Blockchain that will provide immense value for home buyers and sellers. Instead of dealing with vendors who do not know anything about what the others are doing, all that changes with an Exchange.

Now, with Blockchain and smart contracts, everything can be digitally contracted for and coordinated in a single space.  More importantly, the deal flow transactions can be monitored and reported by the industry sector vertically for exchange trading funds to help reduce volatility.

In summary, the Blockchain, when combined with Big Data Analytics, A.I., and Compaction technologies, will create new market exchange platforms with better business models that leverage integration. 

All participants called MicroPreneur have become connected. No longer a hub and spoke model with industry bias and business silos.

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