Importance Of Prenatal Care

Importance Of Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is a very crucial and exciting phase in a woman’s life. It calls for utmost care and attention and a complete change of lifestyle. It is recommended that as soon as women find out about their pregnancy, they must see a doctor for prenatal care to avoid any future complications. Prenatal care involves urine tests, blood tests, ultrasound, etc., to monitor the condition of the mother and the fetus. 

It also includes dietary recommendations and important medications to ensure good health. Women can also discuss at length with their doctors any doubts or anxiety that they might have. It helps in reducing pregnancy-related stress and depression. Seeing a doctor at an early stage of pregnancy will help diagnose the issues early and treat them accordingly. 

What are the benefits of prenatal care?

The benefits of prenatal care are manifold, so don’t be skeptical about it. Also, make it a part of your routine as soon as you suspect pregnancy. Discussed below are some of the vital benefits of prenatal care:

  • Reduced risk of pregnancy complications: One of the primary benefits of prenatal care is the prevention of serious conditions in the future. The dietician will assess and accordingly prepare a healthy diet chart with all the necessary nutrients to avoid any deficiencies. The health expert will tell you all about the important exercises to improve blood flow and reduce stress and anxiety. Most importantly, any morbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, etc., would be taken care of early to prevent the risk of serious complications in the future.
  • Promotes the fetus’s proper health and avoids any infant complications: Pregnant women should start taking proper care of themselves because another life rests on their health. Certain habits which are detrimental to a fetus’s health must be taken note of and avoided at all costs. It has been proved that drinking and smoking have serious effects on the infant’s condition. In most cases, it resulted in poor memory, permanent disabilities, poor coordination, distorted facial features, small head, and other chronic diseases involving kidney or liver complications. A pregnant woman must be aware of such hazardous habits and give them up at the offset of pregnancy.

Additionally, prenatal care Singapore involves taking regular doses of important vitamins and other such nutrients to promote the fetus’s health. For example, a regular intake of 400mg of Folic Acid reduces the risk of neuro problems in infants and promotes good memory and coordination. Similarly, other multivitamins in prescribed doses help in building immunity and resistance to unwarranted diseases. 

  • Helps avoid bad medication: Consulting a doctor at an early stage of pregnancy and discussing the normal routine with them will help avoid some dangerous intakes. For example, lead intake or exposure to any radiation can give rise to complications during childbirth. The doctor will educate and inform about such harmful substances so that the women can get off them. Also, women sometimes take medications for skincare, acne treatment, etc., which could be harmful to the infant’s health. A doctor will prescribe the safe medication and inform you about the salts that must not be taken at any cost.